Like the fabled Cyrano de Bergerac, who gave whispered words of guidance, Cyranova can deliver guidance to you, your team, your clients or your organization.

Cyranova talks and listens, coaches, interacts, asks questions, and guides when and where you need it.

If you want guidance 24/7, customized to meet your needs, at a reasonable cost, Cyranova can deliver via an internet connection over a mobile device. It can provide guidance that builds creativity, resolves conflict, and improves communication.

If you are skilled at coaching, conflict resolution, facilitation, or other kinds of guidance, and want to be a guidance developer, Cyranova gives you the opportunity to offer your guidance to anyone on the internet, and lets you set your own fee structure.

If you have proprietary team development processes or deal with classified information, you can host Cyranova on your own system. Available guidance can be installed on your system or you can get help in developing your own.

Or, if you want reliable guidance from a skilled {living, breathing} professional, you can get that too. Get in touch with Cyranova via the contact page.
Cyranova is in alpha development stage, so access is limited. You can learn more about Cyranova on the About page.
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